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The chauffeur cap is the trademark of the classic driver of noble vehicles. With this headgear no compromise can be made with regard to quality and wearing comfort. Together with gloves, ties (knots) and general dress the status and professionalism of the service user is clearly underlined. The patent umbrella should have a length of approx. 6cm. A quality chauffeur cap has a leather sweatband and an inner lining, which significantly increases the wearing comfort and has a temperature-regulating effect. The cap itself consists of a material composition with a large proportion of wool. The cashmere content should not be missing. The wool of the cashmere goat bred in the Himalayas gives the fabric a silky sheen. It is precisely this wool that distinguishes high-quality fabrics and distinguishes the wearer accordingly. Chauffeur caps are produced in classic head sizes from 54 (XS, 6 ¾, 6 5/8) – 64 (XXL, 8, 7 7/8) cm (Int, US, Eng).

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