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A cordial welcome to our new exhibition hall

At the moment we are in the winter break and welcome only registered groups for highlight tours. From the 26th of December to the 6th of January we are going to open our new exhibition hall for you for the first time. In a warm and refined atmosphere under the title "The finest Rolls-Royce Museum" we will make your time enjoyable. Our current exhibition takes you into the world of owner-driven cars. These were the exception for Rolls-Royce for a long time. And with a look into the future of the brand, this will probably be the exception again.

In the new hall in the recently refurbished building, we use the possibilities of digital information and analog sensor technology and thus create an experience for all senses. At the same time, you will see historic cars in our modern restoration workshop, which are currently being redone.

As the claim in "The finest Rolls-Royce Museum" promises, we will increase your well-being even more with this appearance - with reduced standard admission of 6 €. We are pleased to be able to offer you this experience this winter.

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