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Rolls-Royce Museum in Dornbirn – classic and superior

The biggest Rolls-Royce Museum of the world is located in a historic textile factory near the Rappenlochschlucht, a popular excursion destination for hikers. Where Kaiser Franz-Josef activated the first Telephone of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, we find a superlative automobile museum today. Over 1.000 exhibits, 3.5000 m² exhibition area at three levels, a reconstruction of the first Rolls-Royce manufacturing facility, an own restoration centre, an original tearoom for every kind of festivities and the “hall of fame” are only a few highlights the RollsRoyce Museum offers. Among all the exhibited individual items we find the Safari-Touring-Car of King George V, thelLimousine of King Edward VIII, the landau of Queen Mum, the sporting Phantom II of Prinz Aly Khan, the blue Rolls-Royce of Malcolm Campbell, the parade car of  Dictator Franco, the personal vehicle of F.H. Royce, the Rolls-Royce of the „Lawrence of Arabia“ and many more

Excursion Destination: Rolls-Royce Museum

The visit in the Rolls-Royce Museum is perfect as a part of an exciting Museum-Day in the area of the Bodensee. Guests from all over the world are fascinated by the myth of Rolls-Royce, the passionate stories about the time-consuming and expensive chase after the exhibits and the restoration in style of these milestones of the automobile-history. Beside the Rolls Royce Museum there are many more highlights in Dornbirn, for example the “Rappenlochschlucht”, “Inatura” or the “Karrenseilbahn”.

The myth of Rolls-Royce is legendary – join us and become part of our history.

Are you dreaming about coming really close to the Roll-Royce of Queen Mum, do you want to drive in one of those noble cars, have you ever wanted to research the history of these vehicles or resurrect the zeitgeist of the 1920s? Or does mechanical perfection, the construction of displays such as motors, transmissions, machines fascinate you and do you like working with these technologies?
Do you have passion and commitment and want to demonstrate values - sustainability, deceleration, voluntary commitment to our society. Of course, we reward this symbolically with an excellent team play and special events for you - the friends of our house.
In case you are interested, please contact us at contact@rolls-royce-museum.at or at the museum chat with Wolfgang Bernecker, or go directly to the first "Friends of the Museum Evening" on 19 October 19th 2017, 6.00 pm in the tearoom of the museum.
The enthusiastic team of the museum is looking forward to you.

Rolls-Royce Museum RRM GmbH, GmbH, Gütle 11a, 6850 Dornbirn, Austria - +43 5572 52652 - contact@rolls-royce-museum.at
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